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As of March, 2021, our Pastor is August S. Francis.  He is a native of New Orleans LA.  His life in the Lord began in Ottawa KS at the age of 17 years old, one day before his 18th birthday.  Preaching the Gospel for over 50 years.

Catinia Francis, his wife, a native of Beaumont TX, is also involved in ministry and works along side of her husband for 30 years and has been involved in ministry for more than 33 years.

The Francis' "theme" of ministry is simple, "helping people to become everything the Lord wants them to be".

Their children, Jeremy and his wife Kourtney, Brianna and Joshua are involved in ministry at Victory In Jesus also, and many Sundays, you may get to meet Jeremiah,  Addalia and Amayah, the grandchildren.

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In reading the name on the sign, remember this, the only thing that counts is that we want you to have, and that is  "Victory In Jesus". For forty-three (43) years, that is why we exist.


That is not just a name, that is our "battle cry", that is our prayer for everyone.  Victory In Jesus is who we are!


Every church has a reason for being, a driving vision, a purpose.  Ours can be found in Luke 4:18-19.  No matter where a person fits in those verses, we are here here to assist.  We are here to introduce people to Jesus.

You are welcome to come and receive, you are welcome to come and work.  No matter your past experiences, we want to help you move forward in the Lord.

Come and be our guest, you may discover that you've found a home!

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