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In many cases, our ministry page doubles as a "help wanted" page.  As you look at this page, keep in mind that there is a place of service to the Lord available to you.



The Bible says that we are always to pray, and we do.  But, as a church, we pray each Sunday evening at 5pm, before our 6pm service.  Please join us in seeking the Lord an send us your prayer requests.

Elders / Seniors


At this time, we have no organized ministry to the Elderly/Seniors, but as the need arises, we stand ready to minister to those in need.  Please keep us informed of any opportunities for ministry.

Sunday School


We have an active Sunday School ministry that meets at 10am, every Sunday morning.  We invite you to come and be a part of one of our classes.  We also invite you to invite others.  And, if you feel a calling to the ministry of the Teacher, please let us know.  Your gift will make room for you!

Transportation Ministry
Need a ride to Church, call us at (409) 429-3460.

Adult or Child, we'll help to get you here!



We are seeking the Lord for the person who is called to develop and lead a ministry to the youth of our area.  If the Lord is speaking to you regarding this ministry, please speak to Pastor August Francis.



We thank the Lord for the ministry of Worship Leaders, Sis. Ruby Champagne and The Hollaway Family.  They bring a mix of the traditional and the spiritual flow of praise and worship.  Come and enter into the Presence of The Lord.

Community Service


Victory In Jesus has an active food and supply pantry.  Please see Sister Linda to be of assistance or if you have a need give us an opportunity to help.

More supplies are always needed, so don't be afraid to bring supplies to help.

Ladies Bible Study.JPG

Ladies' Bible Study  Every 1st & 3rd Friday at 6pm

Children's Sunday School2.JPG

Each Sunday At 10 AM
Each Wednesday At 6pm
Our Children Receive From The Lord, On Their Level!

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